Awkward ...

Is that how you would describe your typical pose for the camera?

I'm sharing my 5 best posing tips with you so you don't feel awkward in front of the camera again.

1. Lean forward at your waist. Whatever is closest to the camera looks larger so if you lean forward a little bit at your waist your waist will look smaller.

2. Relax your fingers. When we are nervous or anxious we tend to clench our fingers and that is not a flattering look for the camera. When I see my clients fingers getting tense I ask them to wiggle their fingers, put a hand in a pocket or on their waist, or cross their arms to give their fingers something to do.

3. If it can bend, then bend it. Stiff limbs look awkward. Instead, try putting your weight on one leg and slightly popping the other leg up and slightly bend your elbows to look relaxed and natural.

4. Bring your chin slightly forward and down. That helps your neck look longer and reduces any double chin.

5. Practice good posture. Good posture is flattering on all body types and makes you look more confident.

Bonus Tip - Bring a friend or family member who can help you look natural and laugh. I love photos of my clients when they are relaxed and laughing with a friend.

We've all been the subject of stiff awkward posed photos - or maybe I'm the only one who's felt that way? Let's ditch the awkwardness and show up at your session confident and relaxed using these 5 tips and a great photographer who helps you look and feel your best.

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And if you'd rather watch a video with posing tips check out my video below:

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