What to expect during your planning consultation...

After you reach out to me with an inquiry and we chat on the phone or over email about your photography needs we will schedule a planning consultation.

I love to meet my clients in person for the planning consultation. I meet my clients at their office or a nearby coffee shop. If we can't meet in person we will schedule a zoom video conference call.

During the planning consultation we plan all the details such as: -Where you want to use the photos (website, social media, print marketing materials, book covers, etc...) -What photos you need to tell your story. It's really helpful if you have a content calendar with a plan for the content you are sharing over the next few months. If you need help with planning your content I can help you with that too. -Your branding. -The colors, style, look, and feel of your brand. -Locations that fit your brand or tell your story. -Outfits (how many, colors, style) -Emotions, moods, and adjectives you want people to feel or use when describing your photos.

We also discuss what details you want me to take care of. I can scout out locations, rent a space, find a model to include, etc.

At the end of the consultation I will go over your contract with you, we will sign the contract, and you can pay the deposit.

Ready to schedule your planning consultation? Contact me today.

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