My Process

What does my process look like from beginning to end? Let me break it down for you.

(This is the process for my signature brand photography sessions. Smaller sessions are mostly planned through email and the sessions might include time limits.)

- First you reach out to me through email, FB message, DM, or phone call.

- I respond within 24 business hours with some basic information and my availability to set up a phone call or Zoom video conference to see if we're a good fit.

- We talk to discuss your photography needs and see if we're a good fit for each other. If you're ready to move forward we schedule an in person planning consultation (preferrably) or Zoom video conference call. After our call I will email you a contract to review.

- During our planning consultation we will plan all the details like your photo needs, where you will be using the photos, your branding, locations (ones that are special to your business or match your brand), outfits, emotions, etc. We will go over what details you need me to take care of for you. We will also sign the contract if you have not done so yet.

- The day of the session I come prepared with a plan. I help pose you in flattering poses and give you fun prompts or funny stories to create authentic photos. I'm a mostly natural light photographer so I'm not tied down to a bunch of lighting equipment, but I have some lighting to use when necessary. While I do have a plan for each session, I adapt to changes as necessary. At the end of your session we will pick out which photos you want to include with your package.

- After your session you can expect to receive 3 photos within 2 days after your session.

- You can expect your full gallery of photos to be ready in 7 business days. Your photos will be in an online gallery. You will be able to download the high resolution photos (for printing) and the web sized photos for sharing online.

- A couple weeks after your session I email you a feedback form to find out how the photos are working out for you, what you liked, and if there's anything you would have done differently.

Ready to start the process? Contact me here.

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