Joci - Class of 2020

Joci gave me such a thoughtful and kind review and she did it in a video for me to share with you!

I met Joci at the Alpaca farm that she works at to start off her session.

This girl is as kind as she is beautiful.

We had a great time walking around Grand Rapids together taking photos.

A few weeks before her session, I met with Joci and her mom to plan the session including locations, outfits, poses, etc...

I love having a plan in place before the session. It makes the session fun since we're all on the same page and know what to expect.

I love taking lifestyle photos around Grand Rapids. There's so many beautiful spots!

I've wanted to take photos in front of this mural for awhile :)

We finished the photo session at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids Michigan at sunset.

I've never taken photos at this park before either and I will definitely be going back there! I love the riverside photos here.

Joci is such a kind and fun senior! Congratulations and best wishes for your future!

Also, flash back to when I first met Joci and her family 2 years ago! I was so excited when I met with her to see that photos from this session are on display throughout their home. :)

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