Preparing For Your Photography Session

Hey there! I hope you find this post super helpful as you prepare for your upcoming photography session!

When I first get an inquiry from a potential client, whether it is an email, FB message, or DM on Instagram, I ask for their phone number and email address. I've found it's really helpful for potential clients to speak with me on the phone first and we can go over some questions about what type of session they're looking for and my pricing.

During that phone consultation we schedule an in person consultation to meet at either the client's home, my in home studio, or at a local coffee shop.

During the in person consultation we discuss the goals of their upcoming lifestyle session, what collection they are interested in purchasing, and what heirloom prints or products they are interested in purchasing whether that is a large heirloom framed print or canvas, a large collage wall display, an album, or more.

I have samples of the products that I offer so that clients can see the products in person and hold them.

We also choose the location for the session. I offer in home sessions, outdoor sunset sessions, or in studio lifestyle newborn sessions. Outdoor sunset sessions are at a local park, a downtown urban location, the beach, or anywhere that your family loves to be.

We discuss the best time of day for the session. As a natural light photographer I like to take photos outside in the first couple of hours after sunrise or the last few hours before sunset.

Sessions at my in home studio can take place anytime during the day.

The best time of day for a session in your home will be determined by which way your windows face and if they get a lot of harsh morning or afternoon sunlight which we would want to avoid or at least diffuse with a sheer white curtain.

We also discuss outfit choices and that will be an entire blog post of it's own! Check back next week for that update.

I hope this helps you as you prepare for your session! Let me know if you have any questions!

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