Lifestyle Family Session in the Orchard

Hey there! Time for the last of my photos from the orchard to share with you! And, it's of some of my family so it's extra special to me :)

My mom really wanted to focus on lifestyle photos of her and my dad with their grandchildren. One of my favorite prompts to use with kids is to run towards me. I love their expressions!

And of course the little ones ran a little slower than the rest :)

I think in this photo I told the kids to jump, but the little ones thought we were running again so they ran which made for some adorable photos.

We printed out these photos in different sizes for a collage wall and I can't wait to show it to you once it's done. I think these lifestyle photos sessions look great in a collage wall or in an album which is why I offer both of those options in my a la carte price list.

If you've ever had a photo session with me I've probably had you walk towards me and look at your family and smile. It's such a great way to get everyone comfortable and help them forget that I'm even there.

And I love the way the walking photos turn out!

I love capturing a family sharing a sweet moment together. I love the connection, love, and joy you feel when you look at this photo.

Love his smile here!

And sometimes I pose my clients a little more. I like that this is posed, but not too posey - is that even a word?

And a photo of me with my family! I ordered this photo in a 24x28 heirloom print and love it!

If you're interested in scheduling your lifestyle family session contact me here.

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