Family of 10 Photo Shoot!

I'm pretty sure that I get the best clients ever! Seriously, all of my clients have been awesome and this family of 10 was no exception!

You guys were so fun to work with and I really enjoyed documenting some fun family moments for you!

The park that we met at had a great combination of wooded areas and a lake with a beach area. I love lakeside photos!

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing a couple of rounds of ring around the rosie:)

I like to get a combination of posed photos and fun lifestyle photos. And the children always enjoy the fun lifestyle photos!

Of course, when you are posing a family with eight children you will naturally get some fun lifestyle photos - especially when the photographer instigates a tickle fight:)

We gave the children a break from the photo shoot to get some photos of just mom and dad.

These two were so cute together!

We made sure to get some photos of just the girls.

And just the boys. I think the above photo shows off some of their personality:)

We had a great time and I think we captured some great photos as well!