Christy's Bridal Photo Shoot

I met Christy on Tamarack Lake in Lakeview, MI a week before her wedding for her bridal photo shoot. We were hoping for some sunset photos, but the sky got cloudy just before the shoot. As I was waiting for her to meet me it even sprinkled a little! I was praying that the rain would hold off so that we didn't have to cancel the photo shoot!

The weather stayed clear during the first part of the photo shoot. Then as we were driving to another location on the lake it rained for a few minutes, but stopped by the time we got to our next location! Just as we were wrapping up the photo shoot, we felt a few sprinkles. Christy got in her car without getting wet, but by the time I had my gear packed up I was soaked! I think we got some great photos from that day and the gloomy weather added to the photos:)

Here is the first location that we met at on Tamarack Lake in Lakeview, MI.

After this we went to a second location with a beach area.

Since Christy is going to be barefoot on her wedding day we wanted to show that off:)

I love to get some close up shots to show off important details:)

I'm kind of glad we didn't get those sunset photos because I love how the cloudy evening added to the drama of these photos!

Check back soon for a blog update about Christy and Justin's wedding day at the historic Clifford Lake Inn in Stanton, MI!